Finding Time for My Passions

Everyone asks me “How do you do it all?”

Short answer, I don’t. There are days I don’t touch my house (not even the dishes).  There are days my kids end up watching TV or playing on the computer all day.  I’m a homeschooling mother of two girls.  There is always going to be house work, school work, writing-in-progress, and my children and husband needing attention.

I used to worry about trying to balance/schedule it all.  I planned it in Excel, overlapping schedules for each person in the household.  All it created was a spirit of defeat.  It was hopeless.  So I stopped and asked myself what was really important to me?  What was at the core of my motivation?

At my core is the Lord. Time with Him praying, reading, worshiping and journaling are all important to me. So important, that I seriously considered entering a cloistered Carmelite community in my teens. But God led me in a different direction. He gave me an amazing husband and two precocious daughters. With building a family comes the temptation to stay busy, but what God really calls us to is a passionate life with Him.  Vocation

An amazing thing happened when I stopped trying to control my day and started trying to spend time with Him.  Things got done.  The day suddenly felt sufficient, and what didn’t get done didn’t feel like it would bring my world to an end.

My joy was renewed, my priorities changed.  Getting up in the morning now is sacred time I hate to miss. Going to sleep at night is easier without the worry about the list of things I didn’t get done today.  The other thing that changed is I stopped being afraid of doing what I love because it would take away time from what I thought needed to be done.

I found more time for talking to God about the people I love and to intercede for them.  I found time to turn on the worship music and get lost in the thinly veiled place it creates.  I found time in my day to read books that inspire and encourage me.  I found time to write passionately again.  Time to dream up characters and allow God to use them to teach me, the heights and depths of His love for us.

Now I’m encouraging my children not to do activities that I’ve planned, but to pursue their own passions and delve into the depths of the things they are interested in.  Instead of being the chauffeur, I get to be the great and powerful Oz helping my children find the right path to follow their dreams.  I look forward to teaching them the secret behind the curtain is inside them already. That where His spirit dwells is the fullness and abundance of life.

I admit it isn’t picture perfect.  There is always a mess that could be cleaned up.  There are TV shows and FB games I don’t have time for anymore.  There are always other things I could be doing, but the ones that truly matter, the Lord will make time for and the ones that don’t will fall by the wayside and in a few miles I won’t even remember them.  I have a list of writing ideas that may or may not become seeds of fruitful published works.  The important thing is, that where God calls me, He will make a way for me to get there and to do the work that needs to be done.

How do you find time for your passions?

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