Stories that Shape the Soul

This wasn’t the path I was going to take.  I simply set out to finish a project I started all those years ago in 7th grade computer literacy class.  I was going to finish Abigail’s story, but God had different plans. Over the past year, my side project has become mIsaiah 5319y main project.  God has breathed life into the characters. He has told me their stories.

God is the ultimate storyteller.  In His ministry, Jesus chose to use stories to help people comprehend the depths of His divine will and love.  So it doesn’t surprise me that He uses my stories to teach me or that He can use them to teach others. Through Surviving the Stillness, I have learned how to be still.  How to listen in the darkness. How to wait expectantly.

My tag line comes from the hundreds of moments that have formed this book (and the ones to come).  Those little questions and insights that God has whispered into my churning heart and mind as I’ve wrestled out these characters’ lives into words fit for ours.  He shapes their souls, so they could shape ours.

That is why I write. There is plenty of fiction out there to entertain us, but it is a rare gem to read fiction that has the ability to make you question, grow and change. Just as it says in Isaiah, God can put roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  He can make dead branches blossom and bear fruit. I pray my writing is another instrument in His hands  to do just that.

Do you have a favorite book that has changed your life?  Your perspective?

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