Changing Seasons

The weather here in Texas has felt like autumn for a few weeks.  This pleasant temperature and the leaves changing colors are begging me to begin writing book two which is set in the fall, but I have 300 pages of final edits to put in Surviving the Stillness, first.

Autumn teaches us to finish what we start. During the spring and summer the leaves soaked in the sunlight to help the tree blossom and produce fruit.  Now their job complete, they die so that the tree can focus its energy inward and survive the hard winter.

As a writer, I am learning that there are seasons in the writing process too.  Right now I’m in the autumn stage of editing.  All the fruit of my summer’s labor has been produced but it must be harvested with editing. The chaff and the wheat must be separated or the grain will be spoiled.  Soon the winter will come and ideas will be born inside waiting to blossom during the spring of writing the first draft. And like spring, everything comes to vibrant life.

Unfortunately, as a writer, the seasons are not set to the perfect timing of the Earth revolving around the calendar.  Some seasons are longer than others, but we can glean from them, the rhythm of all creative work.

While you wait a few more days for the release of Surviving the Stillness, here is a sneak peek at Chapter_1.

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