Top 10 Things You Don’t Know about the 1920’s

A century ago, so many things we take for granted now did not exist.  The 1920’s was the decade of change.

1. In 1920, the 18th Amendment gave women the right to vote.  Miners of Blair Mountain

2. In 1921, the US Army entered the conflict between coal companies and striking workers in West Virginia.  Taking the side of the coal company, the US Army provided air surveillance and sent in ground troops to stop the conflict.

3. In 1922, insulin was invented making Diabetes a treatable condition and increasing the length and quality of life for millions.

4. In 1924, Native Americans were given US citizenship.

SearsHome30585. In 1925, Sears opened its first store in Chicago. Their mail order catalog allowed people across the country to own commercially produced products (even houses).

6. In 1926, Ford Motor Company announced the 40 hour work week.  After years of labor strikes and the unionizing of workers, Ford led the way in establishing how much time a full-time worker worked.

7. In 1928, Penicillin was discovered and changed how we treated infections.

chemicalcloset8. While indoor plumbing took a while to get to rural America, those in small towns who could afford it had the option to buy gas/kerosene heated water tanks, bathtubs, sinks, and even toilets that didn’t require sewer lines.

9. Costume jewelry made the middle class appear more rich.  The rich loved it as well replacing jewels with colored cut crystal they got the sparkle without the cost of large gems.  You will note dresses, shoes, purses, hats in this period were all decorated with sparkling beading and costume jewelry pieces.

10. Thanks to Prohibition, Coke became a household name.  The product had been around 40 years, but improvements in bottling allowed Coke to be sold individually instead of just as a syrup on tap at the soda shop.


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