Daily Nosegay

In mid-November last year, I returned to having my devotional time in the morning.  To hold me accountable, the first post I’d make on Facebook would be a Daily Devotional quote from my journal that resonated with me.  Then as I was looking for a good book for Lent I came across a copy of Francis deSales The Devout Life.  It was a book I’d read in high school when I was discerning whether I had a calling to be a nun.  As I read it again this year it amazed me how many of the suggestions deSale gave to the young Philothea (lover of God) were things I desired to do to draw near to the Lord.

medium_8498826348One of his suggestions was to “gather a little nosegay of devotion.” He goes on to explain that when someone goes walking in a garden they often pick a few flowers to see and smell throughout the day. Likewise we should never leave our walk in the garden with the Lord without finding a few words of knowledge or wisdom to set before our eyes and breathe in their spiritual perfume throughout the day.

In March, I started calling these tidbits of wisdom my ‘Daily Nosegay’.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that these bundles of wisdom were blessing others too.  It was like picking flowers from my garden and sharing them with all my friends and neighbors.  God’s garden is always in bloom and as much as I’ve enjoyed picking my own flowers and sharing them, I am looking forward to teaching others how to enter the Lord’s garden and pick their own flowers.

There is no formula except to spend time in God’s word and to meditate upon it until something catches your spirit.  For me, it is sometimes a specific word or phrase, a conviction about something, or a question that resonates as a prayer to the Lord. Before I cut it away from the Living Vine, I meditate on it for a few more minutes and wait upon the Lord to give me permission to take it from Him.  He is a generous God but everything is His and sometimes the word is not yet ripe to pick and it is just something I’m supposed to meditate upon while I’m there with Him.  One thing I’ve learned though is not to leave His presence until He gives me something to take away.  Even if it is a dandelion puff that seemingly has no beauty or scent to behold through the day, it has seeds that take root in my heart.

At the end of this month, when the new church year begins, I will be sharing my nosegays with a larger audience of theYOKE. I am also praying about taking the Daily Nosegays from 2014 and creating a small devotional book of the ones that resonated most with people this year.

Do you have a daily quiet time?  Do you journal or have a scripture of the day board?  I’d love to hear how you capture God’s word and keep it in your heart. 

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