Recognizing God’s Gifts

As I’ve slowed down this past week, I’ve begun to see my days with more awareness. I’m observing the Lord’s working in my home, my children, my neighbors, my writing.  It is almost as if He is taking me on a tour of my own life.  He is showing me where I need to focus more of my attention and time.  He is revealing the areas where He desires to expand my borders, but reminds me that in order to do so, I have to let go of other things to make room. He is giving me plenty of opportunities to practice saying ‘no’ to good things, so I can accept His greater things.

But in all this introspection something else is happening.  I’m beginning to see God’s gifts. Not just the talents He has blessed me with, but the roof over my head, my family, His word, answered prayers. As I venture out into the broken, fallen world, I find myself humbled that all of this comes out of His love for me.  It is only by His grace that any of it is mine. Truly none of it is mine.  It is all His given to my stewardship.  I need to be faithful with it.  I need to be faithful to hug my children so they know God’s love. I need to maintain my home so that it is a shelter for not only my family but those who God brings to it. I even need to be faithful with the words I write.

large_11115824806This year has been a gift.  I’ve learned so much about the power of intercessory prayer.  The Lord has revealed a gift for written words and has blessed me with the right people and resources to see them brought to publication. And now as one year comes to an end and another begins, He is preparing me for what lies ahead.  There are changes coming in 2015. For the past month I’ve felt God breaking camp here on this summit I’ve been on. This time I’m not asking “where” or “why” or “how”. I’m watching what He is packing to take with us.  I’m taking note of what is being left behind and why. I’m listening to His words carefully and taking note. They are gifts, too.  For there will be days when the enemy tries to lead me wayward or to lay siege to our journey, I can have these memorial stones tucked into my pocket to remind me of the truth. SummitBut the greatest gift of all, is Immanuel, God with us.  The King of all creation, the Defender of the righteous, the Savior of the world, the Great I AM, is with us and loves us.  If there were no other gift, He would be enough.  So as we approach the day we honor His love come down to dwell among us and to save us, I pray that this Christmas is one that wakes the hearts of my brothers and sisters in Christ to the gift that dwells in them. A gift that is meant to be shared with a lost and dying world.  His love.  His promises.

What gifts has He given you this year? How have you shared Him with those around you?

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