My Top 10 Interests on Pinterest

This year I decided to focus on creating my Author Pinterest boards.  These are boards that inspire and support me as a writer.  I thought I’d share ten of my favorite subjects and boards to spend the afternoon browsing.


I love the MOON.  The sun and the stars are wonderful, but there is a mystery about the moon. The way it moves across the sky, changing form as the Earth’s shadow falls over it.  I love how it controls the tides and keeps time.  One of my favorite boards is called ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’.  Cheryl Wilkerson has amassed quite a collection of inspiring moons.  Beyond the name, what I love about this board is that it isn’t just full moons.  She appreciates the moon in all its glory.

I love STORMS. Living in Texas, I have the pleasure of watching great thunderheads roll in.  I love the way the clouds build and change colors depending on the atmospheric conditions.  I love the rain, the lightning, even the funnels that sometimes drop down.  Denise Michelle’s board ‘Storm Chasing’ captures all of the above.

I love REFLECTIONS AND SHADOWS.  There is something beautiful about the way light plays off of reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors, or water.  Sometimes it is a pure reflection sometimes it is obscured someway, like in the ripple of water.  Just as fascinating are the shadows caused by light hitting an object. I have long loved shadow puppet shows because of the simplicity of light and shadow has the ability to create an engaging image.  One of my favorite boards is Jan Gruber’s board ‘Reflections, Shadows, Etc.’ While most of them are found in nature, there is still a beauty that is captured which inspires me to remember sometimes it is the simple things around us that tell the best stories.

I love FORESTS. Many people say they’d take a retreat or retire to some place sunny near the water, but I would choose somewhere hilly covered in trees.  Maybe my Texas blood comes from the Piney Woods or maybe it was my year in the Appalachian foothills, but I can’t pass the woods without feeling drawn into it.  Cheryl C.’s board ‘Forest Magic’ makes me expect to meet all kinds of woodland creatures, fairies, or stumble upon a cabin where I might meet a woodsman or a hermit.

I love ROADS that disappear on the horizon. There is nothing like a path or road that leads somewhere you cannot see to inspire you to undertake a journey.  Real or imaginary, each one inspires it’s own story.  Takeka Yoda’s board ‘Road’ will inspire many wonderful adventures as you browse through it.

I love HISTORY. If it isn’t obvious by the fact I write historical fiction, I love to study and learn about history.  While all time periods fascinate me it is the last 200 years that I find most interesting.  The number of inventions and medical advances, the connectedness that the telegram, telephone, and now internet has created, and the changes in social, political and cultural norms is unprecedented.  Amanda M Andrews board ’19th and 20th Century America’ narrows in on this period.  Not only does she have great visuals but the descriptions are very easy to take and do further research with.  As a history lover, this is one I couldn’t do without.

I love STORIES OF INSPIRING WOMEN.  This kind of goes along with the period I love, but during the last two centuries women have taken to recording their contributions and discovering those from centuries before.  Often the untold history is found in their historical accounts.  In the 19th and 20th century they took up causes like Child Labor and more recently Sex Trafficking, but they’ve also been the brilliant minds and hands behind some of the scientific discoveries and technologies (like the dishwasher) that make our lives so much easier.  New Cities of Ladies has several awesome women’s boards, but the one I love is their ‘Women’s History’ board. Each picture has a detailed description of the woman and their contributions or story.  Several of these have ended up on my Inspiring Stories board.

I love PICTURES THAT CAPTURE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN. There are plenty of portrait boards of children, but few actually capture children playing, working, or spending time with their family.  How children spent their time has changed through history, so it is wonderful to see it in pictures.  Polina Schwartz’s board ‘Les Enfants’ is a great collection of these kinds of candid photos.

I love QUILLWORK. Any handwork really, but this one I fell in love with while trying to find a hobby that a mother ripped from her Lakota heritage would teach a son so that he’d have something of cultural importance to hang on to.  Quillwork can be as intricate as embroidery and yet the medium of porcupine quills doesn’t seem like it would have such flexibility.  I love Christiane River’s board ‘Quillwork’ because it shows both old and new pieces and includes several pins of actual technique.  Boards like hers were invaluable for me to be able to learn enough to describe and integrate this handcraft into my novel.

I love HANDS.  For the longest time I’ve had a fascination with hands.  Hands can love, cuddle, and protect. They can also hurt and destroy.  They can communicate our needs and emotions. They are also one of the most difficult things to sculpt or draw because of their intricate movements.  Iden Convey’s board ‘Hands’ has a masterful collection of hands.

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So what do you love to follow on Pinterest?  What are some of your favorite boards?  Come share in the comments.

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