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About Me

I am blessed to have a home, an amazing husband, and two beautiful daughters. My life is a full-time ministry just spending time loving, nurturing, and praying for them. God has also blessed me with dear family, a wonderful church, and homeschool friends. It is their encouragement and prayers that have supported and established this work the Lord has begun in my life.

Last year, I picked up an old fiction manuscript I’d begun fifteen years ago. I fell in love with the story and the characters again, but more importantly, I remembered why I loved writing stories.  In those 13,000 words were memorial stones from my walk with God.  Times I’d stopped, like Jacob, and wrestled with God until He revealed Himself to me.  I wanted to preserve these little treasures, so I set out to finish the manuscript.  Along the way, I shared pieces with friends and family and realized that those encounters with God didn’t just speak to me, they resonated in other hearts too.

Then, He whispered, “Tell their stories.”

When I asked “Whose stories?” a dialogue began in my prayer time.

He led me through scripture showing me His heart for people no one saw value in. His love for the foreigner, the disabled, the usurping brother, the despised tax collector, and on and on the list grew. By May, I understood that I am called to love, serve, and give voice to those we often don’t write books about. I am to set my pen to paper and tell the stories that show the beautiful diversity of God’s people and how His love crosses denominational and cultural lines. I pray that my books challenge our souls to see the people we encounter, to ask what their story is and to build relationships. I pray they make us willing to ask God the hard questions and seek His heart for His children and His grace for the lost.

So begins my journey as a writer and author.  I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes me and to hear where He has taken you through my books.